Engaging Intelligence

Anna Whitlam People is an executive search and management consulting firm with global reach in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations. 

The Anna Whitlam Manifesto

Engaging Intelligence 

I am in the reputation business. My reputation is based on helping businesses and organisations shape theirs, with executive search and management consulting services.

I advise clients on the right structures to get the best from their corporate affairs, communications and investor relations functions, and I identify the best people to lead them. So in helping businesses and organisations, I also support talented individuals to build their careers.

I have been doing all that for more than two decades. The culture of my company, Anna Whitlam People, and the way we work are based on my experience of what delivers the best results for both our clients and candidates.

Here’s what makes us successful in a competitive market:

  • Our global knowledge of corporate affairs, communications and investor relations.
  • The time we invest in really listening to our clients and learning about their organisations and their markets and stakeholders.
  • The time we invest in developing relationships with talent, both established and emerging.
  • Our experience in building on 'best practice' to create 'best fit' team structures.

The results can be seen in the quality of the conversations we have with clients and candidates and the advice we offer.

That’s our promise: engaged, intelligent advice.


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Intelligent, engaged, experienced

Anna Whitlam heads a team of people who collectively have decades of experience in corporate affairs, communication and investor relations, as well as executive search and management consulting.


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Wisdom and Wit

What's happening globally in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations? The Anna Whitlam team share their insights.

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December 2018

2018: A Year in Review

2018 is not a year that would go gently into the good night. From corporate scandals to political dramas and a growing public trust deficit – the annual Edelman Trust Barometer showed no general recovery of trust in institutions globally – this is a year marked by reputational gaffes that would challenge even the most seasoned corporate affairs professional.

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October 2018

What qualities do CEOs seek most in corporate affairs professionals?

I have been interested in this topic for a while and after the response to my previous article The New Generation of Corporate Affairs Leader, my interest was further sparked in the skills that CEO’s were seeking in other jurisdictions. I reached out to my colleagues and peers who lead Corporate Affairs executive search firms around the globe to gain a true cross-cultural answer to the question: what exactly are the most highly-prized skills among corporate affairs professionals?

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John Eales
September 2018

John Eales: What business can learn from sport!

I was fortunate enough to share the stage, and microphone, with Wallabies legend John Eales at a “fireside chat” last week hosted by Commtract, and sponsored by Streem, at the very impressive offices of Corrs Chambers in Melbourne.

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