Our Services

Anna Whitlam People provides executive search and management consulting specialising in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations. Our clients value our international reach, engaging us to find the best leadership talent, locally and globally - professionals with the right culture and fit for their organisations. Clients also commission us to advise on strategy and structure and to provide talent management and executive coaching. They do that because we recognise great reputation requires a well thought out strategy and structure as well as the right people to deliver it.

Executive Search

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Executive Search

Anna Whitlam People and its international partners have an unrivalled knowledge of the talent pool for senior executives and leaders in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations.

We’re able to identify the best talent in the marketplace quickly. And we’re able to help you make the right choice in terms of skills, personality and cultural fit. A choice that builds performance and reputation for your organisation.

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Executive Interim Management

Many organisations need to fill senior roles for short periods, because of illness, sudden departure, periods of change or an urgent project.

Our knowledge of the talent pool in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations means we can help you identify the right executive for those short term roles.

Management Consulting

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Strategy and Structure

Getting the best from your corporate affairs, communications and investor relations team requires a strategy for the optimal performance of the function, underpinned by an effective team structure as well as development and succession plans.

Over more than 20 years, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. We know the latest trends and best practice both here and internationally. We also understand that every business is different, and that “best practice” should only be the starting point in designing new team structures and functions. In fact, we prefer to talk about “best fit” – the strategy and structure that reflects your business, your strategy, your sector, your culture and history.

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Talent Management

Anna Whitlam People can help you identify the skills, values, competencies and knowledge you need to meet current and future organisational needs.

We will help you assess your current team and then design the actions you need to take to create the right team for the future through skills building, talent acquisition and succession planning. The key tools we use are talent audit, competency framework development and succession planning.

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Executive Coaching

The most effective leaders in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations recognise their strengths and weaknesses. They also understand the importance of executive coaching.

Anna Whitlam People can help design and deliver executive coaching services tailored to your needs, through one-off sessions or workshops, or ongoing short and long term structured programs.